>A Thing A Day and Password Woes

>I deleted and then reinstalled my Creatively Emma blog last night. And I put the same layout (obviously with a different header) up there as I did here. There is officially no content there yet… I have stuff I want to put up but currently I am waiting for my password to be sent to me – i must have mistyped it when I set it up because it doesn’t like what I chose but it didn’t ask for confirmation so that’s very possible. It’s only the second time I’ve had to have a password reset and sent to me since I redid the damn thing less than 24 hours ago. I’ll type the password in notepad so i can actually see if i make typos and then copy and paste it across – tis probably easier.

But yeah, should I ever get into the stupid thing there will be an update there later. It’s not just going to be creative writings there any more.

I’m also doing Thing a Day this month. The new layout on here was yesterday’s thing and today’s was a knitted purse (wallet if you don’t speak Brit) for me to take to swimming. It wasn’t the planned project for today but that’s probably a good thing being as I have 27 more days worth of things to make!

My Thing a Day page is HERE

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