>Customer Service

>I moan a lot about poor customer service.  Or at least that’s what I seem to be doing lately.

And at 11.11 this morning I sent an e-mail to my housing to check what was happening about a couple of things.

At  11.18 I put the phone down having spoken to one of their people, gotten the ball rolling on one of the things and the relevant paperwork for the other put in the post to me.

When I answered the phone and she said “hi Emma?  it’s so and so from such and such.” I was just like “but i just e-mailed you less than five minutes ago.”   and she also apologised for the incorrect information I had previously been given.

I don’t think it was as heartfelt as when Chris messed up and then apologised to me a couple of weeks ago BUT at least she didn’t tell me that it wasn’t her job like I heard on Sunday.  That said, Chris actually knows me and (I like to think) that I’m not just another customer to him – because he assists me on a regular basis.

That’s what I call a quick response… and also GOOD customer service.

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