>Shrove Tuesday, on a Saturday

>I made pancake batter from scratch this afternoon.  Covered the entire kitchen with flour and then covered myself in flour as well for good measure.

Ben and Geri came round late afternoon and they cooked the pancakes.  I wasn’t sure that my arms would be up to the pancake cooking thing.  I had a go at flipping one however and managed to do it.  That surprised us.  Didn’t manage to catch it in the pan though so the floor caught it for me and I gave that one to Milo who also came.  Always good to have a dog to eat the cookery mistakes.  Tried again with another one with Ben holding the pan with me as well that time – flipped it fine and got it caught on the edge of the pan but… it also hit the floor.  We joked that Milo was very lucky because the only pancakes I cooked were made especially for him.  And we laughed lots.

I was going to make toad in the hole if there’d been any batter left but there wasn’t… might be a thing for another day.

4 days late for Shrove Tuesday but well worth it.

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