>I’m going to the airport!!

>The blog carnival will be up here tomorrow.  However it may not be up until pretty late.  I’m going to be out all afternoon and probably part of the evening.  And I don’t see that I’ll get it up before lunchtime.  I’m going to the airport to meet my parents from their flight.  So I’ll post it when I get home (unless, of course, i get an offer to fly off to some far flung hot amazing place in which case, sorry, you’re shit out of luck on the carnival side of things).

Would it be unspeakably cruel for me to get Phil to hide when we get to the airport and try to convince mum and dad that they way they get home is that i’m towing them behind my wheelchair?

I’d find that pretty funny but after nearly five weeks away and something like 13 hours on a flight i’m not so sure…

Those five weeks have gone much too quickly and a big part of me isn’t ready/doesn’t want them to come home.  But then the other part is looking forward to surprising them at the airport.

I think I will be making some changes from now on.

But we shall see.

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