>”Hi Emma”

>I met John Barrowman tonight!!!!!! He was signing copies of his autobiography in Borders and I met him!! Had to queue for about an hour and a quarter but well worth it*

He’s still very yummy in person but he looks different to how he does on TV.

He thanked me for coming and asked if I’d read any of the book yet . I said no but that I was going to. And a member of staff introduced me to him “This is Emma”. The best part was when he said “Hi Emma”

I also met his sister, who co-wrote the book. She told me that she did most of the work so I got to get her signature as well. I can’t remember what i said to that.

Hopefully I should have some photos to share soon.

*I was, however, sat in the queue thinking “God I love being in a wheelchair” because the way it was set up meant i kinda accidentally skipped half of it.  S’not my fault they set things up to queue from the escalator and I used the lift and couldn’t work out where it began, is it?! 

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