>Yeah, it’s lovely to see you too, mother.

>My parents went to New Zealand in the middle of January.  They were gone nearly five weeks and came home yesterday.  A good friend of ours, Phil, went to Heathrow yesterday to pick them up.  And he took me with him, promising me that there would be cake to be eaten.

There was no cake.  Cake being the number one reason why I’d gone along for the ride this was very disappointing.
My Dad was standing waiting for us when we walked into arrivals.  Huge hugs and it was great to see him.  Mum wasn’t there; she’d gone into boots to get a drink and a sandwich.

She came out of boots and I wheeled over to say hello and hugs and all that jazz.

Baring in mind the fact that she hadn’t seen me for five weeks, I was a little put out by the first thing she said to me.

“I saw you go past and thought I recognised that wheelchair!”

Yeah, it’s lovely to see you too, mother.

She went on to say “and i thought i recognised the girl in it and the man pushing it too”

yeah, i love you too mother.

I don’t see her for five weeks and the first thing she does is joke with me, try and wind me up?!?!

And the worst part is I fell for it too.

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