>HUGE success.

>I wrote here about the “society hates disability” experiences I had when I went to London three weeks ago.  And one of the things I briefly mentioned was the fact that the people sat behind me in the theatre complained that I/my wheelchair blocked their view.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the theatre about that (along with complaints to Reading and Waterloo stations).  And I received a reply to my complaint this morning*.

They are pleased I found their staff helpful and the theatre accessible.  She comments that they have a nation wide training scheme called “showing you we care” that they use to accomplish this.  I find that name amusing.  And they are also run by the same company (Live Nation) as the theatre in Oxford where the service has never been as good and they appear to have different policies.  So that’s slightly confusing.

She apologised that there were no staff at hand to deal with the problem in a “tactful and discreet manner” and also apologises “profusely” that the people who mouthed off at me didn’t take it up with staff.  She also thanked me for my “calm and sensible approach” to the problem.  Which is acknowledged to be a difficult situation.  That bit makes me laugh because I am so not a calm person and it was hard for me not to tell them to shut up and fuck off.  The presence of kids all around us being the only thing that stopped me.

Finally the letter ended with the comment that they take all comments from customers very seriously and they appreciate the time I took to write.  Also they hope I will return so they can exceed my expectations ;o)

That’s a really great reply and I felt like they took my comments seriously, weren’t just saying things because it was expected.

And also a copy of my letter has been forwarded to Disney Theatrical Productions so they can be aware of the problems I experienced and take it into consideration when considering allocation/provision of seating for wheelchair users or other disabled customers in future.

That’s HUGE.

I’m so pleased.

*Post around here must be seriously improving, the letter was only dated yesterday. 

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