>Sick and Tired

>I’m sick.

Sick of being lied to.

Sick of people promising me things and not following through.

Sick of being kept hanging on.

Sick of having to justify myself to others.

Sick of people talking about me in front of me but ignoring me.

Sick of people interfering in my business.

Sick of being ignored.

Sick of being used.

Sick of people making decisions for me.

Sick and Tired of always being Sick and Tired of all these things and so many more


Yesterday in the bureau one of my colleagues commented that I looked bored.  I told him I wasn’t bored, I was fed up.  He asked what the difference was and I went “you can get pills for one but not for the other.”  He replied that he liked my sense of humour.  And it was a joke… but it also wasn’t.

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