>Sporty Em is BACK!

>I’ve been out in my Quickie wheeling around every day this month!

I know it’s only the 6th but that’s still a good thing.  Only relatively short distances but longer ones will come.  I’m just pleased about the daily thing and I’m really enjoying it too.  I used to be really really active and sporty and I haven’t been for years.  I like that Sporty Em is coming back.

My mum doesn’t want me wheeling myself anywhere near any roads because she thinks it’s too dangerous.  We had a silly argument about that.  Yet when I told her that I had a crazy conversation with someone about us maybe doing a half marathon next year she thought it was a great idea.

She really confuses me at times.

Actually she really confuses me a lot of the time.

I’m hoping to get a cyclometer fitted on my chair either tomorrow or Saturday and then to do some longer distances over the weekend.

Also went swimming on Tues with Mum.  I swam 16 lengths (same as last week) and I also walked 4 lengths (didn’t do any last week).  But this time I swam them faster and with fewer breaks to rest.  The contrast between being with Mum and going to the disabled session on a Friday with RCV was huge.  She was pushing me to do more, go faster, not take a break.  At with RCV it’s very much them trying to get me to stop, take it easy and warning me not to over do it.  That really frustrates me and I don’t agree with it.  I do understand why they do it.  But I don’t agree.

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