>Prozac Nation

>I’ve spent the last few days reading Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel.  It’s a very interesting read and I’m glad I read it.  Not least because I wanted to read something with some substance but mostly because I could relate to some of what she wrote about her experiences with depression and mental health issues.

Some of her experiences were the same, some were similar and some made me glad that I’d never had them.

Saying that I enjoyed the book is wrong but “enjoy” is the best word my just waking up brain can come up with.  But at times I did wonder if my reading it was a good idea, if I should be reading it.  Because I kinda wondered if that might be part of my feeling a bit blah over the last few days.  But then I figured “what the hell” and kept reading it.  I will read the sequel.  At some point… not any time soon.

It’s left me with a hankering for some serious writing time.  And it’s left me glad I read it.

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