>I bumped into Phil on my way home from town a little while ago.  He was driving and pulled over to talk to me.  We did the how are you, how was your holiday general chat thing.  He asked if I needed something to which I went “that’s a very open question…” and he said he’d take that as a no.  And as he was leaving I said “love to Pat”.

But how strange and how hard it was not to say “how’s Stevie? Did he enjoy the trip? love to him”.

I’d been thinking about how it’s nearly a year as I was wandering back from Sainsburys but seeing Phil and thinking that… it almost hit me again, it brought it’s realness home.

How I wish things weren’t like this.

And, changing the subject slightly, I must comment on the fact that I never know what to think/say/feel when people refer to my friends with disabilities who have died as being “all better now.”  I’m not sure I like it or agree with it.

But I have knitting to finish and a new episode of Torchwood to watch so I shall leave that topic to another day.

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