>A while back I spent some time browsing the Blog Carnival site.  I love the Disability Blog Carnival and I was wondering what other carnivals there are out there.  Sadly there are a lot of carnivals listed that would interest me but which seem to have been abandoned after only one or two editions.  That makes me very happy that our very own Disability Blog Carnival is going so well and will soon be publishing it’s 34th edition.

Anyway, I just got a notification that the latest Carnival of Quotes is up – and that an entry I submitted is included.  I love quotes and I love this carnival which I’ve been following for a little while.  I’ve not had a chance to read many of the other submissions yet but this does look like a great selection – particularly the quotes on martial arts which have been included.

And if you’re looking for The Disability Blog Carnival, the current edition is over at Andrea’s Buzzing About and can be found, here.  The next edition will be at Reimer Reason a week on Thursday and has the topic of “The Hardest Part.”  Which I think is a Coldplay lyric?  It’s a topic that’s really making me think and that I’m looking forward to tackling.   Submissions can be made through this form

Anyway, I have some carnival submissions to read… and some thinking to do… I love the way the quotes make me think and muse and generally ponder life.

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