>Getting There

>I am feeling mostly better.  Really I just need to build my energy stores back up.  It really scared me how ill I felt and how much I hurt.

And deal with codeine side effects if you know what I mean… the amount I took is well with the prescribed limits but given that I rarely take it, taking three full doses in 24 hours and didn’t keep much fluid down for a while had those tiny white pills going “side effects… side effects… I’m gonna give you side effects… muhahhaha” and, well, they are still resolving.

I think there must be a few viruses doing the rounds – out of five advisers this morning we had two of us who were getting over viruses and one who was also kinda out of sorts.

I think there will be lots of interesting (and in some cases, fun) developments soon.  But that’s a story for another day.  Or at least, another time.

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