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    >Grey Things

    >It’s really grey and about to storm right about now.  Which kinda suits my mood.  So much for my getting out again today.  Thought you ought to know. Oh and season three of Grey’s Anatomy finally started on Five last night.  How great was that?!?! All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Dancing at Discos….

    >….Eating Cheese on Toast Kate Nash rocks my (non existant, odd) socks. Best song. lyric. ever.  Or at least at the moment. Can’t say I have ever danced at a disco and eaten cheese on toast at the same time (now, chips those I have) but it makes me laugh. I’m gonna sing those songsthat offend the censorsGonna pop my pillsfrom a pez dispenser Nickelback also rock my sock (just the one this time) and win the title of my second. best. lyric. of. the. moment. Do you think if I found a pez dispenser on eBay I actually could use it to store my pills?  Is it terribly sad…

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    >Arthur C. Clarke

    >This is really of no relevance whatsoever but I just thought it was interesting. Arthur C. Clarke died today.  And what am I reading at the moment?  Rama II by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee. Picked it up yesterday and I’m about 50 pages in.  It seems good so far and I’m hoping it lives up to Rendevouz with Rama which I read in January and LOVED (I’ve heard tell that it doesn’t but I’m reserving judgment). Like I said, it’s got no relevance to anything really I just thought that was something of an interesting coincidence. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >”make a complaint”, “make a complaint!”

    >I like to think of myself as a self advocate and also to a certain degree a disability awareness / disability rights advocate in general.  But maybe I’m thinking too much of myself there when all I do really is all I’ve got to do to get by. Anyways. One of the things being an advocate (self or otherwise) means is that sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles.  Sometimes it means I argue things others might not understand and others I end up letting things go that I’d like to take further but I don’t have the energy/time/motivation to do so.  I would say the amount I am advocating…

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    >When I swim I don’t use any rings or armbands or anything.  Just me in a swimsuit in the water.  Quite a few people who go to my Friday afternoon disabled session do use floats or rings or whatever. And this Friday my friend Lucille swam a few lengths without her rings (usually she has two).  She did have hold of her carer’s hand and she was really frightened of trying.  But she did try.  And she managed it.  I was really proud of her and when I got into the coffee shop the first thing i did was go up behind her hug the life out of her, gave…

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    >The mind boggles, it really does

    >I went into Reading today to do some shopping.  I was stressed out and depressed and by the end of yesterday knew that I had to escape today for the good of my mental health.  So I went to Reading. It was your typical Saturday in a shopping town – busy and hectic and crawling with people and noise.  I saw lots of other wheelchair users.  Probably there weren’t any more of  “my people” in Reading today than there normally is but I was just more aware of them. Because I had an encounter with someone who seemed to think there could only ever be one wheelchair user  *sigh* .…

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    >Small Things

    >I’ve been pretty tired lately.  And on Monday I said to my friend Sara that I was beginning to feel like everyone and everything were taking it out of me and not leaving me with enough resources, time, enough of me for me. I’m still pretty tired.  But I’m over my insomnia of earlier in the week and my mental reserves have been recharged too.  It’s nothing huge, it’s lots of small things. It’s swimming with my mum on Tuesday night and introducing her to one of my best friends. It’s swimming up and down, up and down in the pool bouncing off and competing against my friend without either…

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    >I made an off hand comment to a group of other volunteers in the bureau this morning.  It bombed.  The conversation started after someone said they hadn’t mentioned a specific thing to their doctor but assumed they would have picked up on it.  I can’t remember the exact comment but it was along the lines that doctors aren’t the be all and end all of everything medical and that their knowledge can be lacking. I am feeling particularly anti the medical establishment at the moment and may have used the term “useless” in there somewhere.   Everyone else disagreed with me CP is something of a case in point when it…

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    >Appreciating Allies

    >The next edition of the Disability Blog Carnival is on Thursday over at Wheelie Catholic. It’s theme is Appreciating Allies. For me that’s something of a tough theme to think about at the moment. I don’t mean to seem “bah humbug” or like I don’t appreciate my friends and family in saying that. Because I do. But currently I’m at something of a low point and that’s how I feel. Without going into long gone irrelevant matters I will try to explain some of my thoughts on Allies in the “fight”. I have a friend with similar disabilities to me who frequently complains that I have much more in my…

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    >A couple of people I know have briefly met one of my neighbours a few times – times which had nothing to do with me.  The result of that, however, was that when I first moved in here they warned me about him – said I would need to be careful around him and made sure I knew certain things about him – things that sort of made it seem like he is not a good person. Well, appearances can be deceiving.  Because he’s not someone I’d spend a lot of time with but he’s a perfectly nice guy, he’s approachable and he’s helped me out a few times.   We…