>Starting Swamp Witch

>You know that yarn order I placed at like quarter to nine on Monday night?  Well, guess what was propped up against my front door waiting for me when I got home just before two this afternoon?!  Yup, that’s what we call astoundingly good (and quick!) service.

I love the yarns I ordered.  But I think I’m going to substitute one I already had instead of the eco.  And as for the 20mm needles that I ordered?  Jesus, they are HUGE.  I mean, obviously, they would be but I never reckoned on them being quite so big – it’s almost obscene!

Anyway, the pattern I’m going to knit is Swamp Witch by Renee Rigdon (who deserves huge thanks for taking the time to answer my e-mailed question) which I’ve been really, really wanting to knit since like, Christmas time if not before.  So you can expect lots of knitting talk and general swamp witch squee-age as this progresses.  Mine isn’t going to look as good as the one pictured (nor probably like the ones on Ravelry) because you can’t get the yarns suggested in the UK.  When I e-mailed Renee, she said basically anything goes so hopefully what I’ve chosen will work.

We shall see.

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