>This is really stupid.  And I know it’s really stupid but…

I ordered yarn earlier in the week.  And it came on Wednesday.  I was really impressed with how quickly it came.  I used one entire ball up and started on a second.

The second was substantially worse than the first, pretty poor quality.  If it had had the fault once or twice I’d have left it.  But by the time it had happened six times I was annoyed.  Out of curiousity I unwound the whole ball and at least seven times probably more there are patches were the yarn goes probably DK thin (it’s chunky) for a while and then goes twice as thick as it should be for a while.  It really effected the quality of the knitted fabric

So I went back to the website and found a “contact us” phone number.  I called them.So I was pretty nervous to call them but I didn’t want to let it go.

The customer service I received over the phone leaves a lot to be desired. They declined to take any details of who I am or the order number and hung up before I had all the information I wanted.  But the short version is if I send it back they will replace it.

I’m forever calling people on behalf of my clients at CAB and that was hard to start with.  But now I’m used to it and it’s no big deal.  Usually it’s even relatively easy.  But I still find it really hard to make calls and advocate on my own behalf.  Which is really stupid but there you have it.

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