>Swimming :o)

>I did 20 lengths of the pool tonight.  Swam it in 30 minutes.  I’m definitely getting fitter because that was quicker than before.  And also I didn’t have to push myself to finish the 20.  I could have swum a few more but chose not to push myself too much.

My mum’s taken a nasty chunk out of her finger so she didn’t come in to swim just helped me in and out.  She sat in the coffee shop watching me and reckons I was keeping pace with others swimming lengths and she was impressed by how strong a swimmer I am.  Said she’d not noticed it before when she was in swimming too.

Transferring back into my wheelchair was the easiest its been after swimming for a long time too.

I was struck again tonight with the difference between Friday afternoon’s disabled swim session and the adult only evening sessions.

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