>I am a people person, not a people wheelchair.

>I can stop blogging; I could never actually manage without somewhere to rant, to vent, to share my dissatisfaction with the world and to generally just let it all go.

Oh and to share the good things too 😉

And, finally.  I am a wheelchair user.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, or will I ever be, a “wheelchair“.

This means that it is acceptable to say to me “you’re the last person we’ve got to help who uses a wheelchair.”

It also means that it is must assuredly not acceptable to say to me “you’re the last wheelchair.”

Someone actually said that to me earlier.  And really did not react at all well when I pointed out that I’m a person, not a wheelchair.  I think the point must have hit home but it was rather annoying.  Childish too.

I do, however, have to give huge props to the other person who was there during that conversation who understood why not to say that.  And who took the time when the other person went off to say “that must be really annoying for you” and to let me rant and to agree when I wondered how someone who works in the disability field and has done awareness training can say such things.

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