>23 hours

>I signed a confidentiality agreement when I first started at CAB.  And that I can cope with fine.

I’m usually good with other people’s secrets (although it does help if I know that it’s supposed to be a secret).

Really not good at keeping my own secrets.  I frequently think “oh I’ll keep that possibility/opportunity/news/whatever secret for a while until I know more”  and invariable that lasts a few hours, maybe an afternoon.  Then I’m on the phone telling people.

Last night I was discussing something with some friends and we reached a potential agreement over something (which will be decided for definite in a little bit).  They both know my dad and I was like “hey if you see him, don’t say anything I think I want to keep this quite for a while.”  That was at 6 last night.  They figured I’d last about a week before saying and I agreed with them

Got home an hour later just before seven and I was soooo tempted to just pick up the phone and call my mum and spill the beans.  I didn’t.

And I still haven’t told her.  But only because she couldn’t come to the phone when I rang.

23 hours and counting.  I think that might be a new record.

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