>Never Surrender, Never Give Up

>There is now less than four weeks to go until the Race for Life. And so my friend Sam and I went walking this evening. I wheeled myself down to meet her and we walked for an hour. I wheeled myself the entire time and just needed help with two or so “they call it a dropped kerb but it’s not what a wheelchair user would call a dropped kerb” kerbs. And then I wheeled myself home.

When she got home Sam went on mapmyrun.com and worked out that from my house to our meeting point is half a mile. And the route we walked is 1.67 miles. So with wheeling myself there, back and all the time we were out I wheeled my chair for 2.67 miles.

I could have asked her to push me part of the way; I had a standing offer of being driven home. Both of those would have been easy.

Last week after sailing my Dad and I walked part of the figure of eight path that goes around and between the two reservoirs. We walked the bit between the two – Dad kept asking if I was ok. And then he said he didn’t want to walk any further but that he would wait for me if I wanted to. I kept on and made it to the end of that path and back to meet my Dad. I could have said no I would stop as well. That would have been easy.

I’ve had enough of easy. Easy isn’t what I want in my life any longer.

So both times I pushed myself on (both literally and figuratively) and I just kept telling myself “Never Surrender, Never Give Up!”

I’m really pleased with how well I’m managing this training lark.

For comparison, I don’t know how many KM we walked today but what I do know is this:

Race for Life is a 5K course which equates to 3.1 miles Or less than half a mile more than what we did today.

Never surrender, never give up.

My impossible dream might just be possible after all

Never surrender, never give up.

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