>Make a Cripple Smile

>I had e-mail earlier this evening saying that I have another sponsor for Race for Life.  That made me smile lots, particularly when I saw that it was from my friend’s little boy and the message he left.

I’m really looking forward to the 5K now and I have even (*gasp*) begun to think it might be kinda easy (*gasp*) but lets not say that too loudly, now, shall we?

My weight isn’t going so well right now but I am really enjoying the training for the run.  So I’m smiley despite having gained 2lb this week and basically being as fat as anything.

Of course, if you wanted to keep me smiling or even to put a bigger smile on my face, you could always go to my online sponsorship page and donate yourself.  If you won’t do it for Cancer Research, do it to Make a Cripple Smile.

I can guarantee to you that both are very worthy causes 🙂

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