>Number one thing not to joke with a fat girl about.

>Someone I know walked up to me today and went “I didn’t know you were having a baby.”

Needless to say I just sat there and gaped at her and went “what?! I’m not.”

And they said it again.

I gave them a look.

And they went belatedly “i’m joking.” But if they really were joking they should have said that sooo much sooner.

Crash and burn.

They claimed it was a joke because I was knitting and I was knitting with really bright (hot) pink yarn and apparently people only knit with pink yarn when they’re knitting for a baby girl?! so she thought it was funny. The yarn is sooo totally not a baby colour.

I replied that it wasn’t funny.

They said they thought it was. And so did someone else when they saw me annoyed and us talking.

I really don’t find it funny. Particularly not as I think that is something which is unlikely to ever happen to/for me. And I would love to have kids but most of the time I’m ok with that.

So thanks for that, love, I was already feeling a bit off about myself. And now I feel really bad about myself.

If I were to write a list of 101 things not to joke with a fat girl about, that would be number one of that list.

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