>How to Help Me

>I don’t mean to sound rude or bitchy or anything but if I’m transferring and your around, ask if I want help.  And if I say “yeah could you do such and such” thats what i want/need you to do.  No more.  No less.

I actually had a great conversation with a CAB client about that sort of thing recently; I’d walked through the waiting room on my way to the loo and then when I took them in the interview room they took the time to say to me that they were sorry they hadn’t offered to help me with the doors.  But they hadn’t known whether to offer or not and hadn’t wanted to upset or offend me.  I told them that I could manage and if I had needed help I would have asked.  I also thanked them for their understanding and for not trying to force that help down my throat when it isn’t needed.  Big moment there, if only it happened more often.  And hopefully something they can take away in future.

There are plenty of things which I either can’t do or which I struggle to do.  By forcing or trying to force me to take help with those I can do I end up more disabled.

Also, if you don’t do as I ask – follow the system so to speak – you can make things worse.

Hence, I fell the other week and took my Dad with me.  I know I always tell people to let me go if I’m falling but I don’t think that’s maybe a fair part of this list because i don’t think he had time to let go of me as I went being as he was already being used by me as an arm to walk with.  Also there is a big difference between letting me drop when you see me go and letting me drop when you’re holding me/i’m holding you.

Or the new to my transferring into the pool system person.  I asked them to hold the shower chair steady as it’s brakes aren’t worth jack.  That was all the help I needed and I thought I’d made that clear.  But they tried to hold the chair and grab me with one arm.  Which threw my balance and ended up with my face in their boobs.  Yeah, it was a real classy .

Or it’s the fact that my Dad and a couple of sailing volunteers and I have a getting me into the challenger system.  Alison drove today instead of my dad and I don’t know where the usual suspects were but only one of them was there.  And let me hold your arm didn’t turn into them holding my arm as it usually does (and which so totally is not the same thing)  instead the guy with the arm holding job managed to put his hands somewhere else.  I’m not sure where he thought his hands were but I do know for sure that they weren’t where they thought they were.  Or at least I hope not.  Because otherwise that just opens a whole ‘nother can of worms.

lets not go there.

Still… you gotta laugh

If, however, I end up with another boobs and tranferring related incident, however, I may have to stop laughing and start hitting my head against a brick wall.

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