>Race for Life Training

>Managed to get out wheeling for the first time in just more than ten days (?) earlier. And I wheeled myself 1.09 miles or 1.75 KM – more than one third of the course! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my earlier “please sponsor me” e-mails and facebook messages. I now have more than double the amount of sponsorship I had first things this morning and it was the thought of not wanting to let you all down that got me out there training this evening. When I mapped the route out after getting home I was like “if I’m wrong and that’s less than a mile I’m going back out and walking until I have done at least that far”

Add in the fact that a friend got a free gift in boots and gave me the majority of it and a fabulous new haircut and you can definitely say that I’m having a great day. And that I have fabulous friends and family ♥ love you guys.

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