>Frustrated but for no good reason.

>I’ve had a good few days with many happy moments and special times that were special for no apparent reason other than the fact they were and that I am working on trying to find “joy in the mundane” at the moment.  but i am so frustrated right now,

And I know that the reasons behind my frustrations actually don’t matter.  BUt I can’t leave my frustration behind and move on.  Which just frustrates me more.  I usually blame my depression for the whole caught in a negative circle of thoughts thing.  Thinking about it though it’s not that now.  I’m not sure it ever is or was either.

Add in something I got told today and it makes it tougher.

The thing I wanted to do will more than likely happen just in a completely different way to how I wanted/expected to do.  I should focus on the”it’s pretty much going to happen” but instead I’m annoyed and frustrated by the “happening in a different way  and not by my choice.”  Frustrating myself by being frustrated too.

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