>Finished Object: Swamp Witch

>I finally finished knitting Swamp Witch (the knitting project which has kept me entertained these last several weeks and which I’ve wanted to knit since before Christmas.) on Thursday and I ♥ it muchly!

This also has the distinction of being my first ever following a pattern knitting project!  Yes, after 15 months as a knitter I followed a pattern and didn’t just make it up as I went along!

Swamp Witch folded in half and hanging from a clothes hanger

This is supposed to show the detail of Swamp Witch (a shawl using yarn overs, knit 2 togethers and purl rows) and does an “eh” job of it. It’s folded in half over a hanger and is hanging up against the lounge doors at my mums which are white. Because of the shape of the hanger the top is pulled wider than the bottom giving more of an idea of the pattern. The colours show up a lot darker here than they actually are due to the lighting. The other photo shows the colours much closer to the reality. The flash has reflected a little on the white of the doors.

Me modelling my Swamp Witch shawl which I knitted

Here I am wearing Swamp Witch,  The shawl itself is a somewhat lacy pattern and is knitted in a yarn in shades of pinks/purples – it’s a self patterning yarn. I’m wearing a black vest top underneath and you can see hints of that and also my bare shoulders/arm through the lacy bits. It was taken in my mums kitchen so there are a few kitchen bits in the background.

Me thinks I shall be revisiting swamp witch sometime in the not too far away future.

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