>Down Time

>After tomorrow morning when I’m running some training in the bureau I have ten whole glorious days off to do nothing.

I’m quite looking forward to some down time; it’s gradually become more and more obvious to me over the last week or so that it’s something I’m in great need of – the chance to step back, take care of me first and foremost, have some fun and recharge my batteries.  I love everything I do in my daily life but sometimes it can be draining and leave me feeling like there isn’t enough of me left for me.

  • I’m going to see Joseph at the theatre in Oxford
  • I’m doing the Race for Life
  • I’m going to do a load of scrapbooking
  • I’m going to spend a very long time in a bookshop
  • I hope that I’m going to achieve some of my 101 in 1001 goals
  • I’m going to take some time to be very lazy.

And who knows what else? I’ve a few ideas but they are dependant on other people so we shall see.

I’m going to leave my blog for a few of these days – in the mean time don’t forget that the next Disability Blog Carnival is on June 12th, (next week) and that I am hosting it.  The theme is “if i knew then…” and submissions can come via emma@wheelchairprincess.com or if submitted before Monday the blogcarnival.com submission form – just search for Disability Blog Carnival.

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