>Running Thoughts.

>If all goes according to plan, I should be able to share the photos of the Race for Life tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.  But only if things do go according to plan.

And in the meantime, I’m really missing all the exercise that went into getting ready to do the race.  I’ve been out of sorts all week and only realised last night just what it was that was doing it.  That’s sort of weird, I know but it makes me very happy because I used to be so active and so sporty and I haven’t been (or not to the extent I was) for many years.  So Sam and I will go walking again tomorrow and hopefully we can keep this up.

I’m really wanting to do another 5K at some point and have been having a brief look online.  My sister has applied for a charity place in next year’s London Marathon after we talked about those sort of things last night.

It used to be a dream of mine when I was 14 or so to do the wheelchair marathon and whilst I don’t want to do so next year (I want to do a 10K or a half marathon next year as well as RfL again).  It’s sort of becoming my dream again after being abandoned for so long.  I had a quick glance to see about the wheelchair marathon on the website.  The main ballot for entries is closed and it’s now only possible to get charity places for the regular marathon; I don’t know if they wheelchair situation would be different if it was still open.

But it seems they only accept wheelchair entries IF you’ve done a wheelchair marathon before and IF you expect to finish it in three hours or less.

In that case, I think it’s a dream thats a LONG way and a LONG time from coming true.

But, maybe, someday.

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