>this too shall pass

>These last few days have really left me with a feeling like I want to throw a right strop, scream out “I’m sorry that me and my attitude and the way I think, feel and act about things are annoying you.  And I’m really sorry that me and my disability are causing you problems.  I’ll just take myself and my CP and go away somewhere where we are liked!!” and then stomp off to a corner somewhere.  Possibly something about “And you think you’ve got problems” should also be thrown in if I were being a true stroppy cripple because I don’t actually think I did cause any real problems.

Only I don’t think the people I want to scream it at would get that I was being sarcastic.  And lord only knows how much I would hate for them to think I was actually apologising to them for the fact that things weren’t great for me access wise and their attitudes really didn’t help me either.  Because it’s not my problem and I wasn’t the one at fault.

But it is really tough.

still, as they say – this too shall pass.

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