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>Today is Summer Reading for Children day of the Reading Extravaganza.  And as I don’t have kids I thought I would tell you about some of my favourite books from when I was a child and some of the allegedly teen books that I still read now.

And writing this post, the first person who comes to mind is Michelle Magorian.  Yup, she of Goodnight Mister Tom fame.  I suspect that most people who come here from The Friendly Book Nook won’t know who she is because I think most of them are American and I don’t know she’s known over there.  But Goodnight Mister Tom is a childrens book that isn’t.  It’s a great book for kids but it’s also a great book for adults too.  It’s about wartime, survival, being a kid and about learning to live.  The TV version starring the late great John Thaw is amazing too and is actually what turned me onto the book.  I’ve not read any of her other books although I want too.

The Chronicles of Narnia are a huge favourite of mine, I read them all last year for what was the first time for the whole series (had read one or two before).  Prince Caspian will finally be at the pictures of Thursday – can’t wait for that!  I loved Harry Potter but think the last one was a bit disappointing.  I loved the Ella Enchanted film and then read the book which is by Gail Carson Levine.  It’s a really good book, different from the film but still great.  Those are all kids books I’ve read as an adult.

LM Montgomery was a huge favourite when I was 11 or so.  I first got into the Anne books which are still great now but then my Great Aunt gave me all three of the Emily books for my 13th Birthday and I was hooked.  Hooked, i tell you.  All are brilliant but my personal choice would be that Emily is better than Anne.  I think I could (and still can) identify more with her than I could with Anne – she always seemed to be the one with the hardest lot in life but she made it through.  And she wanted to write – like I do.  I can’t find the first of the Emily books (know I still have it) but when I do I’m going to reread all three.

I read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman this year too – really, really great.

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