>Magazines is today’s theme.

I’m not really into magazines.  I used to read lots of different ones – the trashy real life weekly ones like Take a Break or Chat but not any more.  I can’t remember the last time I bought any of those.  And I used to read Cosmo but again, can’t remember when the last time I was.  I had a subscription for a while but hardly ever actually read the issues.  And I really can’t stand magazines like Hello or OK!  If I want to read all about others lives I can read blogs – that’s free and less annoying!

I quite enjoy Disability Now but don’t read it regularly – I do surf the website every now and then.  I’ve actually not read an issue since they revamped it’s look but I do have two waiting for a spare moment which I got given free at Naidex.

Really the only magazine I read on a regular basis is Healthy.  I’m actually not a very healthy (in the real sense of the word) person – I’m not good at taking care of myself I mean, I don’t mean anything to do with my disability.  But I think the articles interesting, particularly the regular weight loss and fitness club features – yes I suck at follow through but I get good inspiration from those and tips which I occasionally manage to try out.  Also, alternative medicine is something which begins to interest me more and more and so reading about supplements can be worthwhile – I know from personal experience how much of a difference cranberry extract and evening primrose oil (both recommended by my GP) have made to some long lasting problems of mine.

There is a little bit of me, however, the cynic in me which can’t help but think that the whole thing with the magazine might just be some form of marketing ploy for the certain health food chain which is the only place which stocks it.  I still buy it religiously every time though.

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