>I’ve Still Got It

>My brother and his girlfriend move in together yesterday.  And today they had a housewarming BBQ.

The house they’ve moved into is an actual house – with an upstairs and a downstairs.  We’d thought the upstairs would be “out of bounds to me” – I used to climb stairs on a regular basis as up until I went to uni I had an upstairs bedroom.  And even then until 2002 I would be climbing stairs to get to my bedroom during the uni holidays.

Then in November 2002 my parents moved into their current house – which is a chalet bungalow.  And I got a downstairs room.  I first saw the house that Christmas and I went upstairs twice to see it.  I’ve not been up their again (and my sister actually thought I’d not seen the upstairs at all).  Other than one incident not long after I left uni (four years ago) involving a broken lift and me getting myself down some stairs, stairs have been something other people did since 2002.  I’ve done the odd step (there are two into my parents house).  But stairs?  I don’t do stairs.

Or I didn’t until today.

I wanted to see the upstairs of my brothers house.  I’ll admit I wasn’t sure I still had the ability to climb them it being so long since I did.  Mum didn’t think I could and didn’t want me to try.  Telling me that is kinda like a red flag to a bull and before I got there I had wondered if it might be possible.  So that was it.

But I was in the kitchen with my brother and we just went and starting going up the stairs.  On one side there is a bannister, on the other a bannister part of the way and then a wall.   I had wondered about going up on my bum – but I walked!  I held on with one hand and held on/lent on the wall with my other.  Ben walked behind me.

I practically flew up those stairs.

Just me and the walls/banister no help.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I got up them or how easy I found it.

Had a brief look round the upstairs and then sat on their bed for a while catching my breath while they greeted more guests and showed them round.  Then Dad came up and helped me into the bathroom which I also managed without help (and we hadn’t been sure I would even with help).  Yay for small bathrooms which mean the loo is right by the wall and the bath is right the other side and on the side i need help on the most.

Dad helped me walk back to the top of the stairs and after going down the top two, I sat on the top stair and worked my way down on my bum.  My favourite floaty blue skirt might not have been the best choice for stuff to wear for that.

I was breathless after my adventure but very pleased.

Welcome back, stairs.  I can’t say I’ve missed you over the last six years.  And I don’t think we’ll be having the relationship we had before.  Because I have no regular need of you now.  Just a now and again when I visit my brother and need the loo will have to be sufficient for you.  But it is nice to know that I’ve still got it.

Oh and the house is very nice and the BBQ was fun.

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