>”I touched the wheelchair!”

>Fact: I don’t like people to touch my wheelchair without my permission.

And earlier today at swimming one of the idiotic people there was doing stuff she really shouldn’t do with someone elses wheelchair – sitting in it*. As soon as I saw it, I was mad and I was ranting to everyone “that better not be my wheelchair, all hells gonna break lose if that’s my wheelchair.” Thankfully we soon realised whose chair it was – not mine. The person whose chair it was wasn’t happy but wouldn’t go and say anything. The same person also moved my chair later on because she “thought it would be easier for me” and I made her move it back because it was easier where it was in the first place.

There were also a couple of other incidents earlier in the week when people did really frustrating and annoying things (and really wrong on one occasion). Not all directly involving me but all affecting me. And at least one made me want to go “is that not obvious that rah rah rah”

So I’d kind of reached the point in time where I was like “people in general are annoying, idiotic, rude and stupid” and just the less I had to do with people in general the better.

Then my carer came in. I’ve known her for about three and a half years and she’s gotten to be a good friend. We both had had annoying days and compared notes. I was ranting at her about all of this and especially about the whole don’t mess with the wheelchair thing. I said “you know I don’t like people to touch my wheelchair.”

She said “I can’t resist” and reached down and grabbed my chair and went “I touched the wheelchair!” Laughing i pushed her arm off. She did it again, ran away and yelled “I touched the wheelchair!!” again.

And feeling better I laughed harder.

*the reason why sitting in someone elses wheelchair is basically a no go in my opinion is this – my Quickie which is my main manual wheelchair cost me £1200+ five years ago when I got it. It is my legs and without it I can’t move. It’s also set precisely how I need it to be. I don’t want it messed with and broken and I know people who have had their wheelchairs broken by others sitting in them when they aren’t around and busting them. Obviously, given my size thats unlikely BUT. I also have a memory foam/gel cushion in my wheelchair. It moulds to how you sit and “remembers” If someone else sits on it it can get messed up so the number one rule I was told when I first got that sort of seating was “no one else sits on it.”

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