>Blogosphere, a Sucky Day, Postcards and Screw Bronze

>I’ve been reading a few posts lately on other blogs where they share links to other blogs they love. And for the last few days I’ve been meaning to mention this so here goes.

If you’ve not been over to Screw Bronze! and read the writings of Elizabeth McClung, you really really should.

I had a really sucky day on Wednesday. But I also had a lovely surprise the knowledge of which (it was waiting for me at home) helped me through the suck and also most importantly made my day. It came as I was leaving the house but I didn’t get a chance to look at it properly till I was home later in the day.

A postcard from Elizabeth complete with stickers and a crane stamped on it. Yay for fun post and a cute postcard covered in fun stuff and chatty stuff. I love the blogosphere, I really do. I meet some great people.

And on the postcard she said she saw the photos of me doing the 5K and that I looked great. Elizabeth, who does a 10K after days of being really ill, goes on oxygen in the middle of the race and still manages to finish it in less than an hour, thinks I looked great doing a 5K really slowly and with much difficulty? Yup really not sure here whats more impressive.

And when I e-mailed her to say thank you for the card, she replied (part of it at least):

Each race is hard but if I space them out then it sounds pretty impressive (to me at least) to say I have done X race and Y race this year. So I am like an athlete or something, or out there doing it at least. And you are too.

Yup, Screw Bronze rocks. And so does it’s blogger.

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