>Telling it like it is.

>Today is really, really weird.  And it’s no where near done yet.  I don’t think that bodes particularly well and I also don’t know what to think about today.

Had a bit of a minor panic this morning.  I didn’t feel like I could do something I needed to.  But I pulled it together and did it.  I just kept reminding myself that I’ve done it hundreds of times before and the last time really really sucked but that didn’t mean it would be bad this time.  And also I kept remembering that if I would have to do that again and if I didn’t do it today I would have to do it later in the week.  Which wouldn’t be any easier so I may as well get the suckage over and done with.  Most importantly it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be – it wasn’t even bad at all.  It was just, normal.  Plus, minor compliments.  Always helps.

Apparently I looked really sad and fed up and worried this morning in the bureau.  I got asked several times if I was ok and in the end asked if I didn’t look it.  When they asked if I was actually sad/fed up/worried I just said “little bit” and got on with the day.

Truthfully I’d say the thing I actually am is TIRED and BUSY.  Could probably add in a side order of PISSED OFF now too.

Oh and one of my colleagues said she didn’t think she’d ever seen me happy and cheerful.  I told her she should see me on a Wednesday.  One of the others told her that “She [Emma/me] tells it like it is.”

But, oh, JOY.

Then I got home to strange post.

Back in February there was the incident where I found a guy collapsed in a disabled toilet.  He’d pulled the alarm cord but no one had come and he’d been there an hour. When I told a member of staff they said it “wasn’t their problem” (this entry has the full story).  I wrote and complained but never heard back from them.

Until today when I got a letter dated last week.  In response to my letter sent in February.  It’s a total fob off letter.  But how bizarre to finally get a response?!

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