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After I came back from Birmingham on Saturday I couldn’t help thinking that was it, nothing much to look forward to in the near future.

But then I stopped and actually thought about it – and I have plenty of “big things” arranged for the next few months. So given that and given the fact that I just arranged two more “big things” this year I’ve made myself a new page on my blog. It’s called Upcoming Events and is permanently linked on my sidebar. Looking at it, it seems the only month left of this year that doesn’t have an event to look forward to in it is November.

Ages ago when talking to my GP about depression and such like things she said it’s always good to have things to look forward to. Be it big things like I have listed here or little things like a book I want to read being released in a few weeks. Or even e-mailing an old friend and looking forward to the possibility of a reply. She’s not wrong – I like to live in the moment. But I also like the anticipation of knowing something is coming up.

So this is just my way of having a cheering myself up page on my blog – or a big list of big things to look forward too. Only thats a bit of a huge mouthful for a page title so I called it Upcoming Events

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