>Mamma Mia

>Mamma Mia rocks.  Seriously.  Haven’t laughed that hard or that long at anything in the longest time.  And I can’t remember ever laughing that much at a film.  Someone said it’s a film for gay men.  I say I can see that.  But it’s also a film for cripples who love to laugh laugh laugh and who love musicals, feel good and silliness.  Well, for cripples and their families that is.

They messed up in the cinema and ended up starting the film an hour later than they should have done.  And they did a shit job of keeping us informed.  Because basically the made no announcements or owt until the manager came in and said it would start in five minutes and they’d comp us all tickets to come back to any cinema in that chain and see any film.  They did start in five minutes.  With the adverts.  But at the end they gave us two comp tickets each so…

And in the end the film was so good I didn’t mind that we’d waited so long.

I think I might use one of them to go and see Wall-E.  and it’s extremely tempted to go and see Mamma Mia a second time with the other.

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