>And for my next trick…

>I’ve lost another 3lb this week for a total of 5lb lost in two weeks.

Yup, I’ll definitely take that!

And I’m half a lb away from the next stone mark (as in at the moment I weigh X stone 0.5 and when that’s gone I’ll weigh Y stone whatever).  Definitely looking forward to that too.

But I really must get some exercise in this week.  Haven’t done any real exercise this week although being in my quickie rather than the jazzy when out all day on Wednesday probably helped a bit.  I did get the journeycare staff at all four (!) stations I was at to push me on and off of the trains and they did push me a tiny bit in some of them.  I did do a fair bit though, particularly at MK and coventry and of course wheeled myself around at the focus group.  Most importantly I didn’t eat any chocolate on any of the trains or at all on Wednesday.

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