>John Prescott, Gordon Brown, Edward J Smith, Uncle Albert

>I don’t normally talk politics on my blog but I couldn’t resist sharing this link to a political news story that made me laugh –

Prescott compares Brown to the captain of the Titanic (and he was trying to help)

There is a very amusing (in my opinion) picture of Gordon Brown as the Captain of the Titanic (Edward J Smith) in that article too.  And one of Prescott looking even stranger and scarier than usual too.

I’m not sure if Prescott meant the comparison as a good or a bad thing, it wasn’t clear to me in the article although the opinion appears to be that he didn’t mean to end up saying/implying what he did.  The man’s always been rather on the weird side though.

Oh and finally – Prescott = Uncle Albert?

I think so at least.

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