>Off to Rutland…

>We’re leaving for Rutland and the regatta in eight and a half hour.  And I’m still up and still have things to do before we go (mostly transfer the pile of stuff on my walker into a bag and take a shower but obviously SLEEP is kinda important too).  Something tells me I’ll be sleeping in the car tomorrow morning…

How ridiculous is this?  We’re going to be away TWO NIGHTS and I have FOUR BAGS to take.

Disorganised much?!

I might update my twitter over the weekend my username is FunkyFairy22 or you can see it over in my sidebar.

At the moment I’d say I’m not nervous any more.  But I think that’ll probably change and get worse tomorrow when it comes to leaving.  I don’t do well with stressful things particularly stressful trying to get out of the house super early mornings.

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