>Holding Steady

>I obviously didn’t weigh myself last week due to being at Rutland and doing all sorts of regatta related things.  So when I weighed myself this morning it was two weeks since my last date with the scales.

And I’ve stayed the same weight.

Which actually was my goal and I am very pleased with.

Eating last weekend was very nice but not very good if that makes sense and this week has been better but no where near fabulous or even really what it needs to be it seems for me to lose weight.  But I held steady amongst all that and that is in no way a small achievement.  I’m not sure that makes sense to many people reading this but its what I wanted to do and I’m very pleased.

Oh and after a week of very sore shoulder following all the sailing it seems a lot better.  I wheeled myself a chunk when we were in Oxford on Thursday (not a lot, probably less than half) and it was easy and relatively pain free so that was great.  I wonder now if actually all I needed to do was loosen it up properly.  But when I couldn’t wheel around the house without it hurting pushing myself literally and figuratively to go the distance and get moving felt beyond me.  Still that’s something I shall have to bare in mind for future reference.

I plan to get my weights out later and also do some standing stretches.  Gotta get going with some exercise again now.

But for the moment, lunch.

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