>Thursday Thirteen: The Sailing Edition


Thirteen Reasons I Love Sailing

1 Going wherever I want without my wheelchair

2 And doing so under my own steam

3 The wind on my face blowing my hair everywhere, into my eyes etc.

4 The speed

5 The power

6 The Way the boat rocks down and up and down and up in the water

7 Pushing myself to do more, try harder

8 The point in time when its really really good but also kinda scary

9 The people I have met because of it

10 Sitting on the water watching as the sun gets lower and lower in the sky  and the sky gets prettier and      prettier.

11 Laughing when I get caught in the spray and screaming in shock then laughing even harder when its      more than spray and water splashes up over the sides and soaks me to the skin.

12 Catching the wind just right and feeling the boat take off.

13 The moment when I think it’s going all wrong then look back and realise how well it really is going

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