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    >down thoughts, telling it like it is (part one)

    >Today I think/feel/fear is going to be a down day. Ideally I’d just like to hide away at home and around here doing my own thing.  But my Great Aunt is visiting my parents for the day and I promised to join them for lunch.  So I will go. I’ve spent a lot of time this year and last year making sure that if I don’t do something it’s not because of a can’t be bothered down-ness type thing.  And I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve managed that really well.  I think I’ve not done it for the entire time if that makes sense.  Can’t remember for sure…

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    >Holding Steady

    >I obviously didn’t weigh myself last week due to being at Rutland and doing all sorts of regatta related things.  So when I weighed myself this morning it was two weeks since my last date with the scales. And I’ve stayed the same weight. Which actually was my goal and I am very pleased with. Eating last weekend was very nice but not very good if that makes sense and this week has been better but no where near fabulous or even really what it needs to be it seems for me to lose weight.  But I held steady amongst all that and that is in no way a small…

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    >Lee Evans

    >Lee Evans last night was pretty funny at times.  But I couldn’t help thinking that some of the jokes were inappropriate as a pwd.  I don’t think he actually realised that they could be viewed that way to be honest which in a way makes it hard to be too mad about it all.  So that was disappointing as a whole.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go and I’m glad we did go.  I did laugh a lot and I did enjoy a lot of it.  There was just something of a pall cast over it for me. Out of the four of us who went, I’m the…

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    >Lee Evans Tonight!!

    >Me, Sophie, Ben and Geri are off to see Lee Evans in Oxford tonight.  We’re leaving in about ten minutes and I am very very excited!!  I am glad that this year has seen live comedy returned to my life.  Just thought you might like to know that ;o) All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Rutland Regatta Recap (Because I Absolutely Adore Alliteration)

    >I slept 11 hours or so last night.  And another hour or so this afternoon.  I only got up after that nap because I had to otherwise I’d probably still be in bed now. Yup, pretty exhausted. Three twelve hour+ days in three days will do that to a girl it seems! The regatta was in no way what I expected.  It was a lot more hardcore and serious than I had anticipated but it was very very fun.  The team which are going off to Beijing for the paralympics were there competing (and won their fleet).  Someone else was a runner up for the paralympic team and had to…

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    >I had a fun, scary, overwhelming, non stop, tiring, what the hell am I doing here, brilliant time at the regatta this weekend. And I came 25/28 in the challenger fleet and third out of the people who sail at my level (bronze class) within the challenger fleet. And I will write a longer post tomorrow or later in the week. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >Off to Rutland…

    >We’re leaving for Rutland and the regatta in eight and a half hour.  And I’m still up and still have things to do before we go (mostly transfer the pile of stuff on my walker into a bag and take a shower but obviously SLEEP is kinda important too).  Something tells me I’ll be sleeping in the car tomorrow morning… How ridiculous is this?  We’re going to be away TWO NIGHTS and I have FOUR BAGS to take. Disorganised much?! I might update my twitter over the weekend my username is FunkyFairy22 or you can see it over in my sidebar. At the moment I’d say I’m not nervous any…

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    >John Prescott, Gordon Brown, Edward J Smith, Uncle Albert

    >I don’t normally talk politics on my blog but I couldn’t resist sharing this link to a political news story that made me laugh – Prescott compares Brown to the captain of the Titanic (and he was trying to help) There is a very amusing (in my opinion) picture of Gordon Brown as the Captain of the Titanic (Edward J Smith) in that article too.  And one of Prescott looking even stranger and scarier than usual too. I’m not sure if Prescott meant the comparison as a good or a bad thing, it wasn’t clear to me in the article although the opinion appears to be that he didn’t mean…

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    >I’m travelling up to Rutland Water on Friday to compete in the Sailability Multiclass Regatta this weekend.  It’s the first time I’ve sailed competitively and I’m a little nervous.  But it’ll be fine.  It has to be. Anyway, I just thought I’d look on the BBC website at the five day forecast.  Slight techical hitch in that it didn’t recognise Rutland as a place so I went to the sailing club website to get the postcode.  Forecast looks good, light showers on Friday, sunny intervals on Saturday and it has nothing down for Sunday as yet. But on the front page of that website?  There’s a notice about catering on…