>30 day challenge

>Yes it’s late and my back hurts and my legs hurt and I don’t feel great and should be in bed.  But I only got home a little after 11 and unless it’s literally the middle of the night I’m one of those people who needs to unwind before bed.

And I just wanted to share here that I’m doing a 30 day challenge thing.  I’ve set myself two goals for the month of September – to drink a glass of water before every single meal and to eat breakfast every day.  And I’ve kept that up for five days so far!  It’s a bit of a drag and remember to drink water is difficult but I can already tell that it’s doing me good.

Both of those goals are on my 101 in 1001 list and I am determined to see them through and get them ticked off.  I think I’ll probably be going 101/1001 crazy over the next couple of months because the 1001 days end somewhere towards the beginning for December – I forget the exact date without looking it up.

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