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>Prior to today I’ve only ever been to the NEC about four times that I can think of over about ten years (today was the 2nd time this year and the fourth time since I left uni) so it can safely be said I go once a year if that, usually.  And I’ve only ever been to Birmingham International Station when going to the NEC having never flown from Birmingham International Airport.

And the last time I was there was memorable for me in some ways.  I suspect it’s not something I’d remember in years to come but I was telling mum about it as we walked through on our way to the NEC.  She was asking if the staff there were usually good (they’d not been there to get me off the train *sigh*).

Then when we went back the journey care woman came up to me and went something along the lines of “Oh I’ve helped you before, you came to Naidex and helped me with that nasty customer.”

Two things:

1) It’s kinda cool in a slightly weird feeling way that I met her briefly on the 1st of MAY and she still remembers me – I know I’m notorious but even I wouldn’t expect that.

2) Obviously difficult moments/clients/customers stick with people more than we/I realise.  Perhaps something to bear in mind in future.

But that said, I still feel the fact I really moaned at the guy that eventually got me off the train this morning was the right thing – I asked why he wasn’t there he said “I was busy doing something else ma’am” (I don’t like being called ma’am) and I pointed out that booked journeycare is supposed to be prioritised over everything else – thats what the policy says!!  Obviously there are certain things that in reality it can’t be prioritised over such as first aid BUT.  Anyway he didn’t answer and I went “What happened to booked assistance being the priority?!” again, snapped it a bit and he just again said he was busy doing something else, ma’am.  I may send the manager of that station a copy of the damn policy.

Oh and come to find that despite the fact I booked my assistance – Birmingham International had no record of my having booked!!!  Don’t know why I bothered… if I’d been by myself I’d have been to New Street at least if not further it was that bad… Thankfully Mum was there and was able to hold the door and get the drivers attention that we were waiting.

So journeycare stuff was mixed today and very, very frustrating (as a side note, John who does journeycare at Oxford met us this morning by asking me “hows my favourite customer?”  I had to laugh)

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