>Irony – wheelchair stylee

>When I first got my quickie five years ago the footplates were literally the bane of my existence.  I have no idea how many times they broke but it was many many and it seemed to happen every couple of weeks.They bent out of shape, they snapped off (repeatedly), they wouldn’t stay up when I folded them.  Then I stopped using it for maybe 18 months.  

The kuschall which I switched too wasn’t great for me and Mum doesn’t like it.  To be honest I’m glad I gave it a try but it’s not a road I’d go down again.  My cousin was getting married and we knew the access wasn’t great.  We also knew that the Kuschall is a nightmare on rough ground and we’d struggle and I’d probably fall out of my chair (which happened anyway with the Quickie but thats another story).  So we were debating the issue and we decided to give the Quickie another go.  So last September they put a completely different sort of footplate on and I’ve had no problems with them since. I think possibly the sort of footplates I have on it aren’t supposed to be on the exact model I have but they WORK.  It’s been my full time manual chair for a year now.

Ever other removable/replaceable part on the chair, however, has since slowly broken and the whole thing is currently undergoing a major overhaul, the situation having culminated in the seat ripping the other week.

How ironic is that?!  Two and a half, three years where the footplates broke so often that a month with no problems was a shock.  And now the footplates are the only part that is coming back unreplaced.  I find that very amusing.

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