>This is it

>Haven’t been anywhere nearly the scales for a few weeks what with one thng or another.  But last night I did.  I’ve decided that Friday evenings will be weigh day from now on for many reasons.  And because it was the first evening I won’t share the change – it was a little higher which given I usually weigh first thing isn’t surprising.  Also given the craziness of the last week whilst I did expect the change in time to affect my weight I also expected it to be higher than it was as I made no effort to diet or otherwise exercise/control my eating last weekend.  So overall I was pleased.

Now.  This is the crazy thing.  I decided earlier this week that after Thursday I was going to give up chocolate and coke for a while.  Not for ever because that obviously is unrealistic but for a few weeks – I need to break the addiction and try to be much healthier in my eating in order to lose weight and be healthier overall.  There is soime debate amongst my friends and family whether they agree with this idea or not but I think it is a good thing.  This is day two and it’s going ok.

I managed breakfast every day for 11 days and water before every meal for ten days and two meals – that went wrong when we went to the Knitting and Stitching Show and then I just gave up on both.  I plan to revisit them soon  as I do think both goals were very worthy ones are were doing me a lot of good.  I just hadn’t quite gotten into the habit and forgot all about it when out and about.

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