>Day Three (in the big brother house)

>OK so it’s not the big brother house but whenever I think about what day I’m on in my healthy eating I always hear it in the way they say it on Big Brother you know that geordie bloke – “Day Three” – despite it being several years since I’ve actually properly watched Big Brother.  I’m keeping on keeping on and that, really, is the best I can say about attempts at health today.

Oh actually I know what I wanted to note and that was that I had anticipated being headachy and grouchy today as a cafeine withdrawal thing, it usually kicks in as bad as it’ll get around day three which is why I gave it up with a Thursday as the last day so that if I had to feel lousy I would feel lousy on the weekend.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t prove me wrong and hit me tomorrow or Tuesday because I will be a busy girlie those days.

I spent some time reading the early archives of PastaQueen‘s blog earlier as an inspirational or encouragement thing (not sure which) when I was really wanting, instead, to go to the shop for treats.  What I really want now, however, is her book.  And hearing my sister (who is sick with a cold) go on about how much she wanted chocolate on the phone earlier didn’t bother me too much either.

Baby steps.

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