>Five Days, Done. And Thoughts. And Sailing.

>Five days of no coke and no chocolate, done (Gordon Ramsay stylee today).  

It’s definitely getting easier although I do feel a little headachy now.  I need to be a little better at pushing water tomorrow.  I’ve spent a lot of today and yesterday being busy and doing stuff which I’m very pleased about – it makes me feel productive and like I’ve achieved a lot.  But leaves less time for drinking.  Usually I have a bottle of coke on my desk so I drink without making any effort but no coke means having to go to the kitchen so I don’t drink as much or as often.  Something to work on.

The post fairy should be visiting a few people sometime next week. I wrote and sent a few cards this morning.  I love doing that.  It’s the first time in a long time I’ve done a load of physical writing in one go and I’d forgotton just how much it makes my hand ache.  My creative writing class/group should be starting on Thursday and that makes me a little more apprehensive then I was (I had notetakers at uni and a laptop whilst at college and school) but I’m sure it should be fine.

Really would rather be staying at home tomorrow morning to watch Jeremy Kyle and work on my braiding than going to the bureau.  But unless this beginnings of a cold which I’ve had for over a week suddenly hits me over night, in the bureau I shall be.  I developed a bit of a thing for crappy day time tv and crafts of a morning over the last week or so.

Had a very brief sail this evening which felt brief but probably wasn’t.  The sun was setting and it was spectacular.  Must make sure to bring my camera next week.  Technically I am trying to spend more time in the moment than capturing it from behind a lens but sometimes you’ve gotta get the picture and share the beauty, y’know.

I thought tonight would be the last sail of the year but apparently we will go next week.  It’s getting dark so early now though that I suspect that really will be it.  I will miss sailing over the winter months but there also something quite nice about taking the break – curling up in the warm over the winter and chilling out and then seeing each other again, getting back into it and rekindling friendships once spring comes.  

Part of that though is that I know I’ll still have my evenings swim once a week ( we’re switching to a Tues soon I think) and I start creative writing soon (Thursday this week!) so there will be two nights a week out of the house, like always.  I will miss the people and the sailing during our “off” months.  But I won’t be bored and I’ll still be plenty busy.

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