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>Yesterday was a strange day and today is a bit weird too.  Mostly because I don’t feel well – not sick but in pain and off.  

I felt better yesterday after getting to rant at two different people and I managed to avoid the emotional eating that had nearly occured.  So overall yesterday was a pretty positive day even if it didn’t feel like it.  Twice I wanted to “throw my toys out of the pram” at someone and didn’t.  I’m pleased about that because it is something I’m trying to work on.  But equally I think things probably won’t change there until I do say/do something and so I must find a way of doing so calmly and quietly – gently, even.  Also, I can’t deny that part of me wishes I had thrown the fit I wanted to because it would be resolved.  And having it resolved would be a good thing.  Throwing a strop however, probably would not have resolved it without long term repurcussions and that would suck.

I did buy coke and chocolate today when I went to sainsburys – yesterday was day six without – and so far I haven’t touched it and part of me wonders why exactly I bought it.  Yes, I feel kinda lousy but it won’t make me feel better.

The creative writing course starts tongiht, I need to find the thing out and check what time it starts.  I’m really looking forward to it but I think first I must take a nap.

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